J.Crew Leopard Print Scarf


Make an outfit with this J.Crew leopard print silk scarf. Tie it around your neck, your bag or your hair. The classic animal print on a bronze background and a festive magenta border make it an un-neutral neutral.

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J.Crew Leopard Print Scarf


  • 84 in. long x 22 in. wide


  • Lustrous silk
  • Versatile square shape


  • Black, bronze and magenta


  • 100% silk


  • Near new, never used


  • We’ll ship this item to you in 1-2 business days


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How to Wear a Silk Scarf

  • As a scarf around the neck: tie a bow or let the end hang loose.
  • As an accessory under a collared shirt.
  • As a hair accessory: tie it over a low ponytail or wear it as a headband.
  • As a handbag accessory: tie it around your purse for a pop of color.
  • As a belt.

About J.Crew

J.Crew began in 1983, when the first mail-order catalog was launched. Since then, its business has expanded to that of an iconic American brand known worldwide for its sophisticated, fun clothing and accessories to live, work, and play in. The first J.Crew store opened in 1989 at the South Street Seaport in New York City. Since then, J.Crew has expanded to hundreds of specialty retail and over 150 outlet stores across the world, with a robust online business and new stores opening regularly.

J.Crew has set the industry standard for quality, design, and style by sourcing fine fabrics from top-notch domestic and international mills. The brand creates signature pieces—like this leopard print silk scarf—that will find a forever home in your wardrobe. It’s a brand that makes modern classics with character, and believes in true timelessness, the integrity of well made clothes and great quality as a great price. It’s heritage made modern.